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Prescription Skin Care Releases CoolSculpting Guide


(Auckland, New Zealand)—Prescription Skin Care, a premier Auckland-based plastic surgery practice, has recently announced the release of their CoolSculpting guide. With the publication of this guide, their practitioners are aiming to help those who are looking to get rid of unwanted fat but would like to consider alternatives to liposuction. For readers who are interested in getting their hands on the recently-published guide, it is available at the Prescription Skin Care website.

Georgina Robertson, a representative of Prescription Skin Care, commented “Many people struggle with the problem of stubborn fat that just won’t go away no matter how much exercise or clean eating they do. In times past, invasive liposuction procedures were the only way to get rid of this fat. The good news is that this is no longer necessary. Our team has recently released a guide to help people see the benefits of technologically-advanced procedures like CoolSculpting. Not only is this procedure more precise and effective, but it doesn’t require any anesthesia, surgery, or downtime in the same way that liposuction does.”

Patients who are considering a fat reduction procedure can visit the Prescription Skin Care blog at to read the new CoolSculpting guide. There, they’ll find in-depth information on how CoolSculpting works, what they can expect before, during, and after the procedure, and how they will benefit from this non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

As Robertson goes on to say, “At Prescription Skin Care, our goal has always been to remain on the cutting edge when it comes to the treatments we offer. While liposuction has its place, CoolSculpting is an advanced procedure with so many more benefits for the patient. We have released our CoolSculpting guide in hopes that those who read it will feel empowered with the knowledge and understanding they need to get rid of their unwanted fat in the safest, healthiest, and least invasive way possible.”

Those who would like to learn more about CoolSculpting or see the full suite of services that Prescription Skin Care has to offer can log on to

About Prescription Skin Care:

Prescription Skin Care has been helping people look younger and feel more confident since their establishment in 1993. Their experienced and highly-trained practitioners have helped thousands of people achieve smoother, more youthful skin. Mr. Stephen Gilbert and his team at Prescription Skin Care offer a full range of plastic surgery procedures for the face and the body that create confidence, slow down the natural ageing process, and restore beauty while giving a natural, youthful look.


Holistic Health Center, P.C. Launches Redesigned Website


(Alpharetta, GA)– Holistic Health Center, P.C., a premier holistic chiropractic care practice with a specialization in natural healthcare, has recently announced the launch of their new website design. The newly-launched site not only has a bright new interface, responsive design, and easier navigation it also includes a tool that new patients can use to conveniently book their first appointment. The Holistic Health Center website also includes information about their chiropractic care team and showcases the myriad services they offer.

Dr. Michael Dellaria, founder of Holistic Health Center, P.C., stated “We are beyond excited about the launch of our redesigned website. Since the day we opened, 15 years ago, our goal has been to provide excellent care to every single one of our patients. We want to be able to offer them services that improve their lives and make things easier for them. Launching this site redesign is just one of the ways that we are accomplishing that goal.”

In addition to ensuring that patients have access to all the information they need about the treatment methods they use, Holistic Health Center has also included a new appointment booking feature in their new website redesign. New patients can simply go to the website and click the purple “Book Appointment” button in the top right hand corner of the homepage to be taken to a booking calendar. There, new patients will be able to see which days and times are open for booking and securing their first appointment for one of those openings.

As Dr. Dellaria goes on to say, “We believe wholeheartedly in the holistic care that we provide for our patients and our team wants to make sure that we continue to make the treatment options we offer as accessible as possible. We are excited about the new level of convenience that this website brings to our patients and are grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve them in excellence.”

Those who would like to see the newly-redesigned website or book a new patient appointment with Holistic Health Center can do so by visiting

About Holistic Health Center, P.C.:

Holistic Health Center, P.C. offers gentle holistic chiropractic care with a specialization in natural healthcare. Chiropractic care is considered treatment without drugs or surgery which can help eliminate health problems as well as prevent them. The outcome of chiropractic care is to restore normal function to the body.


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Laser Spine Surgery and How to Prepare for It

There are many different types of procedures for back surgery but today, laser spine surgery is getting to be the most popular primarily because it is minimally invasive and only uses local anesthesia, and it is able to treat patients with severe back conditions. But before undergoing this type of surgery, a patient needs to consult with his/her physician to check if laser spine surgery is the right treatment option for them, and if they have any questions, the physician should be able to answer them regarding preparations and procedures for undergoing this type of treatment. In order to have peace of mind when undergoing laser spine surgery one should be prepared for it, and below are some tips in how to go about the preparation stage and what to do during your recovery stage.

Every surgical procedure has a risk, and it is good to know about them before hand by asking your doctor about it, and if you have other anxieties about the treatment, do not hesitate to inform you doctor about it and ask him questions that has been in your mind regarding this procedure. It is also important to ask the doctor how long the recovery time will be so you can plan in advance what you need to do after the procedure. Patients’ recovery time differ with the longest up to six weeks but some take less time to recover. Recovery time need to be planned especially if you have a job and need to get back to work, and it is also important to inquire from the doctor what you can do and cannot do during recovery from the surgery.

Your surgeon will prohibit your from eating or drinking before and even after the surgery for a specified period of time, but after surgery you are able to return home because this is a very short procedure which is minimally invasive and only requires local anesthesia. You also have to arrange for transportation service after surgery because even if it is a short procedure, you will not be able to drive so you will need someone to drive you home after the outpatient procedure.

Preparing your home for your rest and recovery is as important as preparing yourself for the surgery. It will be difficult for you to be cooking meals after the surgery so before going to the hospital for the laser spine surgery, it is best to cook yourself some healthy meals that you can reheat during your mealtimes after the surgery.

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The 4 Most Unanswered Questions about Professionals

How To Find The Best Dentist Maintaining a good oral hygiene is very important in order to have a beautiful set of teeth. It may be hard to believe but having a healthy set of teeth can improve your self-confidence. People with a healthy smile communicate and socialize with other people better. With this being said, it is a must that we maintain a good oral hygiene. Despite the fact that we can always maintain a good oral hygiene at home, it is still a must that we see a dentist regularly in order to guarantee us that our teeth will be perfect. Being able to choose the right dentist is crucial, in this article, we will be discussing helpful tips that you may use as a guide when searching for a dentist. 1. He must have a good background. Before you even consider going to a dentist, you must do your own research in order to find out if he is skilled and knowledgeable in his specific field, check if he has underwent quality training in the past. Although it is a fact that there are plenty of dentists you can choose from, only a few of those were able to perform impeccable services. In the end, it will be up to you to conduct your own research to determine if the dentist is good or bad. Do not be shy to ask for his educational background and certificates, most if not all reputable dentists would be more than happy to share these to you.
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2. Check with their previous patients
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We are very blessed to have access to the internet today. We must use this to our advantage when we are looking for a good dentist. Most successful and talented dentists already have their own website, it is here where you can check their reviews to know more about them. There are even some dentists who are proud to post testimonials and photographs of their previous work on their website. 3. You must be comfortable with his presence When you are conducting your own interview with potential dentists, it is very important that you maintain a good relationship with them. Failure to do this only means that you will not be comfortable with your dentist. 4. Choose a dentist with lots of experience Skill and knowledge alone is not enough in the field of dentistry, when you hire a dentist, make sure that he has adequate experience. For as long as you select a good dentist, you can relax knowing you are taken cared of. If you have friends and relatives that has a family dentist, why not ask them for recommendations? When someone you trust recommends a dentist, you know you are getting quality service. Make this article as your guide when looking for a good dentist, never forget that having a good dentist guarantees you a perfect smile.